Fixing up home-base for my next adventure

On 11 June I will be starting a five week fly/drive trip to the Western USA. I fly directly with United Airlines from my home airport of Cancun (CUN) to Los Angeles (LAX). There I will celebrate the completion of my 73rd revolution around the sun on this amazing rock and will begin my 74th. So far so good.

This trip will include San Fransisco, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas (for old times sake), the Sought Rime of the Grand Canyon (overnight), friends I’ve not seen in 45 years in Prescott Valley AZ, Santa Fe NM, San Juan National Forest, Moab Utah and end in Salt Lake City on 17 July 2019. With luck I will survive.

But before I go I am having some maintenance done of the old shack here in Akumal/Tulum Mexico. Like tooth brushing and bathing, it is important to occasionally perform these tasks.

I hope you can come along with me. In the past three years I’ve circled the globe and have thousands of images and videos for you. These I will post as time permits but first I must take the first steps into this, as the kids call it, like Blogging thingy.


  1. Nice start, Bill!

    1. Thanks, Jessica. Just four typos. I was using WIX but WordPress is far simpler.

      1. I am way behind. Time to post more. Thanks, Jessica.

  2. Leave early, pack light and sit near the outlets. Looking forward to more missives!

    1. We love LA. See you soon.xxoo

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