Although I am not a big fan of Zoos, they do serve two critical purposes. Firstly they provide an opportunity for folks to see these animals live and in a (these days) semi-natural environment. Overhearing (yes, I am a listening Tom) young folks talking to their parents tells the tale. “Oh, a TAPIR! We read about them in Mrs. Jenkin’s class”.

Secondly, endangered species do have a place they are protected.

Anyway, here are some images taken today at the Los Angeles Zoo. Yes I feel for the orangutan. And the blue beast is the elusive Sonoran Twisted Valve Water Carrier, captured here is a rare moment emerging from underground.

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  1. Jessica J. · · Reply

    Not a fan of zoos either, Bill. But, I believe as you do that they may be protecting and informing in some sense.

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