PERU- February 2019

The Andes at my back, I visited Oolatatayambo staying in the inedible Del Pilar Hotel outside of town. Yes, Llamas were involved.
My car rental in the vast parking lot of the hotel.
In an attempt to reach the summit I was turn back by the fog and cold drizzle. I’m not that mad.
At around 4000 meters I could sense I was not going much further. Oddly My body adjusted to the altitude yet I had to slow down to about half speed to keep my breath.
Just another Valley north of Cuzco. Yes, I found a filling station down there.
Some of my new friends at the Hotel Del Pilar. they truly helped me recover from a badly twisted ankle . Thanks, Sparky and the gang.
Downtown Ooyatatayambo, Peru.
Peruvian Baseball. Yes for real right near the Peru Rail Station to Machu Pichu.
The entire surrounding valley dotted with these ancient ruins. Are there other sorts of ruins?
The town Square where the action is.
Clearly this warrior need a cuppa.
Do do do looking out my backdoor. Next I’ll dig out the images of the trip to Machu Pichu. Thanks for viewing.

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