I asked a Ranger if I should set my garbage ablaze and toss it off the rim. He politely answered that it might be best, it being near the 4th of July, to begin by lighting an old tire the night before so as to produce the proper amount of black smoke during the demonstration.

The images speak for themselves.

Well worth the drive. Well, just look!

Yes, I made of back to one of my old favorite places. I am posting a group of photos without comment as, well, what can you say? Enjoy.

These images speak for themselves. Tomorrow I leave SF and head towards Yosemite with a small stop in Martinez CA, home of the martini. This would be scanned. Thank you for all the new subscribers. When I figure it out I’ll add a FOLLOW button. I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed.

No matter how many visits, the Bay City of the Golden Gate always leaves me wanting more. Today, land, tomorrow, sea. After a delightful lunch at the Ferry Building with my dear old friend and accomplice, the incomparable CPA, Raymond Palmarini, I ventured forth. Enjoy some images of a sunny day today.